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100 % Moscatel of Alejandría, coming from a goblet-grown, 
dry-farmed vineyard. This wine shows the refinement of the Muscat 
grape from the plot known as “Villazo”.
The grapes are harvested in mid-August by hand in 11 kg boxes to preserve 
the integrity of the berry with perfect balance of sugars, acidity and Ph. 
Grapes of high potential with great aromatic load.
Minimal intervention. Slow fermentation at low temperature with wild yeasts 
to preserve the aromatic freshness of this differentiated “climat”. No fining, no 
cold treatments or microfiltration.
This wine is aged in new French oak barrels for at least 4 months 
before bottling.
A wine with a mineral style and hints of fresh rose, in the mouth we
find that vineyard peach, we see aromas of tea and a subtle aroma of
coconut, with small nuances of toast. The wine is full and big on the
palate with nice acidity that gives it verticality.
Incredible pairing with soft cheeses, excellent with Mediterranean blue
fish, such as anchovies or sardines, red tuna, shellfish, seafood, paella,
baked white meats or even a ‘Chivo malagueño’ (Malaga goat).

Fabio Coullet Villazo 2021

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