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  • Perguntas Frequentes | Miguelvianavinhos

    Help Center The answer you're looking for What are the payment options? The commercial agreement is made directly with the sommelier or in this case with me, Miguel Viana, where after a brief and direct approach to the customer's taste profile, I try to fit what will be the most suitable wines and according to their profile.   When entering into a commercial agreement, payment can be made by bank transfer or MBWay   How does the return policy work? You have a period of 14 days to return your order. You must contact us so that we can proceed with the order collection at the same delivery address and under the same packaging conditions.  Do you have gift certificates? We have many discounts especially offer bottles. Contact us to find out more.  ​ know more

  • Adega-Celler | Miguel Viana Vinhos

    Estágio e envelhecimento em condições próprias Godello La Florida 2018 Single Foudre 36 Months Espumante Pinot-Noir 2019 Pagos de Posada Mencia 2016 Hibiki Harmony Fondillón 1996 Mengoba La Grand Cuvée Godello 2015 Sequencial 2021 Villazo 2021 Ingénito 2021 Pata D´Urso Tinto Vinhas Velhas Entrecuestas Godello La Guilde Lorignac Fins Bois Vodka cocktail Grande Reserva Branco Nikka Yoichi Single Malt Los Yelsones 2019 Estaladina (Pan y Carne) 2021 Aguardente 40 anos Jack Daniels Master Distiller nº4 "Jess" Gamble Alomado 2020 Local de estágio e envelhecimento Bastardo 2018 Tanqueray Malaca Valtuille Vino de Villa Consorte Grande Reserva 2018 Hendrick´s Couto Mixto White 2021 Monterrei Galiza-Spain Valtuille Godello 2020 Valtuille Godello Tinta Amarela 2007 Kurayoshi 8 Anos Pata D`Urso Branco Mouchão 1987 Alagu Forcallat 2018 Entrecuestas Godello 2020 Couto Mixto Monterrei Galiza Spain Oban 14 anos Godello Viñas Viejas & Unculin Godello Quinta da Furada Pata D`urso Rose 2020 Johnnie Walker Doble Black Toda a Gama 2020 Harmonização escolhida Local de estágio e envelhecimento Pagos de Posada 2016 El Rebolón 2018 Pata D`Urso Rosé Grande Reserva Branco 2019 Mencia Espanillo 2019 Estaladina ou Pan y Carne 2020 Lavia Finca Paso Malo Monastrell 2016 Jack Daniels Master Distiller nº4 "Jess" Gamble Grende Reserva Tinto 2015 Espumante Pinot-Noir 2019 Conjunto Miguel Viana Vinhos Superior Bago a Bago Touriga Nacional 2006 Tanqueray Malaca Alomado 2020 Pagos de Posada Mencia 2016 Rosé Vinhas Velhas 2020 Conjunto Tintos Romano Cunha El Rapolao 2018-2019-2020 Foundillón 1975 Edição Especial Valtuille Godello 2020 Safra 2020 Alagu Forcallat Tinto 2018 Bastardo Tinto 2018 Alomado 2020, Yelsones 2019 Quinta de Arcossó Grande Reserva Branco 2019 Bago a Bago 2018 Quinta de Arcossó Grande Reserva Tinto 2017 Quinta do Gago Valpaços Portugal Vinhas Velhas poda de Inverno

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