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Vineyard: A faithful representation of the old vineyards of Malaga. Cultivation in glass of dry land of a single plot at the foot of the Sierra Tejeda in the village of Salares, in a landscape of very steep relief crossed by numerous ravines and summits that reach 2,000 meters above sea level sea, where its unique soils in the Axarquia, formed by granites with Intercalations of schists, give the wine a lot of minerality.

• Location: Axarquía
• Elevation: 850 meters altitude
• Dimension: 0.85 ha
• Plant density: 1500 plants/ha
• Yields: 800 kgs per ha
• Age: 125 years
• Clonal Selection: Traditional
• Training: Traditional Glass
• Irrigation: Rainfed cultivation
• Floors: Slate with granite


CHARACTERISTICS OF THE VINTAGE: Vintage with cool, rainy spring and an extremely rainy summerdry and hot, which limited production. The grapes came toHarvest with a perfect state of health and a beautifularomatic concentration.


Harvest: The grapes are harvested in mid-September, with perfectbalance of sugars acidity and Ph. Grapes of high potentialaromatic.

• Harvest point: 13%.
• Density: 1099
• Health status: perfect, without botrytis or dehydration
• Date: September 18


VINIFICATION: With minimal intervention, the grapes are destemmed and vatted to grain whole in stainless steel tanks to macerate with their skins for 9 days at a controlled temperature, after fermentation They press and go to French oak barrels where they carry out the malolactic fermentation and refined for 13 months, without treatments of cold or microfiltrations. 

• Pressing: Grape despallida.
• Press: Pneumatics
• Yeasts: Indigenous people from the vineyard
• Tanks: Stainless steel
• Primary fermentation: 9 days
• Contact lees: No batonnage
• Coupage: 100% Romé. We perform a slight filtration of
 Paper before bottling


BOTTLING: Bottling after a year in French oak barrels.


TECHNICAL DATA: • ABV (alcohol by volume): 13.2% Residual sugar: 0.53 gr/L• BP (total acidity): 6,11/L• pH: 3.32• SO2 Tot.: 20 mgr/L• Closure: Cork Natura


TASTING NOTES: Very low layer wine due to low concentration of anthocyaninson the skin of this red variety. Delicate notes of wild strawberry withA super mineral background that evokes the slate of the soil from whereComes. A vintage with delicacy, freshness and spaciousness.



Fabio Coullet Romé Tinto 2021

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