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Alomado 2020 80% Tempranillo, 10% Viura, 6% Malvasia e 4% Calagraño 

Wine Region: D.O.Ca. Rioja
Location: San Vicente de la Sonsierra
Varieties: Co-planted vineyard 80% Tempranillo 10% Viura, 6% Malvasía
4% Calagraño
Vineyard: Ribarrey
Year of planting: Co-planting vineyard (1960) in glass, with high density
of planting. Located between mountainous slopes South-West exposure.

Soil: Clay-Calcareous alluvial sedimentation with boulders and quartzites.
Deep subsoil with high level of clay and limestone.
Climate: Continental with great Atlantic influence and moderated by
the Sierra Cantabria.

Winemaking: Joint harvest of white and red varieties in
15kg, double sorting table (bunches and berries), fermentation in small vats
French oak and maceration fermentation of destemmed grapes for 23 days.

Late malolactic fermentation (May - June) in French oak barrels

Aging: 18 months in 500L barrels and 3 months in bottle in a draft data-
of the eighteenth century.

Comments: "Alomado" represents the most Atlantic and accessible interpretation
of a single vineyard in a large area such as San Vicente de La Sonsierra.

Cuenta Viñas Alomado 2020

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