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Pata D'Urso Rosé - Vinhas Antigas - 2020 (Quinta da Furada)

Once upon a time, there was a rosé wine that would make any sommelier or wine master fall in love. Produced by Quinta da Furada, the Pata D'Urso Rosé - Vinhas Antigas - 2020 vintage is a true treasure.

The story begins with a challenging viticultural year, with rains until May and a dry and hot period that led to production losses, especially in the Touriga Franca grape variety. However, a timely rain in late August accelerated grape maturation, making harvest possible. And it was with all the care and affection that the grapes were handpicked and taken for vinification.

The vinification of Pata D'Urso Rosé is a true work of art. The grapes were crushed and destemmed, undergoing maceration in a granite lagar for a few hours. This technique allows for the extraction of the best aromas and flavors from the fruit, resulting in a rich and complex wine. Afterwards, the lagar was bled to remove 700 liters that fermented in stainless steel tanks and then aged in oak barrels for 9 months, which added light notes of wood to the wine.

And we cannot forget about the importance of the region's interpretation and the location of the grapes and vineyards in the production of this rosé wine. Quinta da Furada is located in the heart of the Douro, in a region famous for its winemaking tradition and unique terroir that gives wines produced there a special profile. The old vines, over 30 years old, bring with them the wisdom and history of the region, resulting in a wine that is a true reflection of the land that produced it.

And the final result couldn't be better. The Pata D'Urso Rosé - Vinhas Antigas - 2020 vintage has a light ruby color, with an intense aroma of small red fruits, strawberry and floral notes, all combined with a light wood that adds complexity to the wine. In the mouth, the wine is balanced, fresh, and smooth, with a long and fruity finish that leaves a taste of wanting more.

This rosé wine is more than just a drink. It's a gastronomic treasure that has the power to elevate any dish to new heights. I have had the pleasure of pairing it with a variety of dishes, such as the traditional Portuguese "bacalhau com todos," a flavorful seafood stew known as "cataplana de tamboril," and even a baked sea bream dish called "dourada ao pão." And with every pairing, the wine has proven to be an excellent match, enhancing the flavors and textures of the food with remarkable relevance.

This wine's versatility and gastronomic potential are due, in part, to the unique characteristics of the Douro region's regional gastronomy. The Douro is known for its rich, flavorful dishes that are heavily influenced by the region's geography, climate, and cultural traditions. From hearty meat stews to fresh seafood and vegetables, the cuisine of the Douro is a testament to the region's rich history and diverse flavors.

And it is in this context that the Pata D'Urso Rosé - Vinhas Antigas - 2020 vintage truly shines. Its balanced and fresh taste, coupled with a fruity and long finish, make it a perfect pairing for a wide variety of dishes. Whether it's a rich lamb stew, a fresh seafood platter, or a vegetarian dish, this rosé has the versatility to enhance and elevate any dish to new heights.

In short, this rosé wine is a true gastronomic gem that not only reflects the unique terroir of the Douro but also has the power to elevate and enhance any dish with remarkable relevance. Its versatility, coupled with the rich flavors and traditions of the Douro's local cuisine, make it a must-try for any food and wine enthusiast looking to explore the rich and diverse flavors of Portugal.

Owner/Producer: Duarte Alegre

Text: Miguel Viana Vinhos

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