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Wine: The Elixir of the Gods or The Unattainable Luxury?

In the world of divine nectars that are wines, voices rise, no less divine, proclaiming judgments that seem to transcend mere sensory appreciation. "Oh, if it were mine...", echoes the expression on the lips of connoisseurs, of pedigreed winemakers, and prophets of the glass. Wine, once a symbol of sharing and conviviality, now seems to rise as an inaccessible bastion, surrounded by mystery and extravagance.

As if touched by Bacchus' lightning bolt, these predestined ones proclaim that if a wine were theirs, it would be the pinnacle of their fortune, the epitome of their fulfillment. "Minimum 300 euros per bottle!", they exclaim, as if the purple liquid held within it the promise of a life of opulence and sensory ecstasy.

But reflection imposes itself, like a dense mist over the vineyards of yore. How many of these wines, revered as gods in crystal goblets, are truly accessible to the majority of mortals? Is it fair that the market bows to the will of an elite that dictates prices and destinies of the vineyards?

Irony does not escape the keenest observers. "In your hands, it's a clunker... in mine, a Ferrari...", they mutter under their breath, while raising their glass in a toast to the extravagance of the few and the sacrifice of the many.

And what of those who, upon tasting, become heralds of a story that exalts the soul of wine but obscures the consumer's vision? They tell tales of grapes crushed under the moonlight, of oak barrels guarding millennial secrets, as if each drop of wine contained within it the echo of immemorial times.

But there is a light at the end of this maze of exaltation and mystification. Vigneron wines, humble in origin but rich in history and authenticity, emerge as beacons of hope in this sea of ostentation. It is in the simplicity of conversation with those who work the land and shape the fruit that we find the true essence of wine.

Thus, I raise my glass not in praise of the gods of unattainable luxury, but to the wine artisans, whose calloused hands and generous hearts bless us with the true treasure of the vineyards. May their art be recognized and celebrated, not only by connoisseurs of refined palate but by all who seek in the glass an experience that transcends price and pomp.

To those who already possess the knowledge, vision, and means, I issue the challenge: dare to tread the less traveled path, dare to seek in simplicity the true greatness of wine. For it is not in the slavish imitation of icons of luxury that the true revolution lies, but in the courage to raise the glass in the name of authenticity and passion.

Text: Miguel Viana Vinhos

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