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Fabio Coullet Winery

As a experienced winelover and sommelier, I can attest to the uniqueness and quality of the wines produced by Bodega Fabio Coullet. The project is a result of Fabio Coullet's love for agronomy and oenology, and it showcases the personality of the Axarquia region of Malaga.

The winery is located in the D.O.P Sierras de Málaga and produces wines in conjunction with the land, the native varieties, and the people who have protected this territory for generations. The utmost importance is given to sustainable and ecological viticulture, with minimal intervention in the winery, and a respect for the land and its fruits that begins in the vineyard and ends in the wines.

The vineyards of Bodega Fabio Coullet are located in Axarquia, a unique place surrounded by steep mountains with slate soils in different states of decomposition and a sweet Mediterranean climate. The autochthonous varieties of the zone complete the circle, and among them is the almost extinct grape in Malaga, the Romé, of which there are only a little more than five hectares in Malaga and in the world.

Ingénito is a 100% Garnacha from Axarquia, with a fresh and Mediterranean taste. The grapes are harvested at the maximum point of expression of their terroir, and the wine is aged in French oak barrels for at least four months before bottling. This wine is delicate, fine, mineral, and has aromas of cherry, strawberry, violet notes, resinous herbs, and Mediterranean pines. It is a harmonious and very fresh wine, ideal to accompany tuna, hearty fish, paellas, rice of rabbit and birds, pastas, white meats, Iberian meats, grills, sausages, and cheeses.

Villazo is a 100% Moscatel of Alejandría, which comes from a goblet-grown, dry-farmed vineyard. This wine shows the refinement of the Muscat grape from the plot known as “Villazo”. The grapes are harvested by hand in 11 kg boxes to preserve the integrity of the berry, and the wine is aged in new French oak barrels for at least four months before bottling. Villazo is a wine with a mineral style and hints of fresh rose. In the mouth, we find vineyard peach, aromas of tea, and a subtle aroma of coconut, with small nuances. It is a perfect match for seafood, fish, sushi, and desserts.

Fabio Coullet's wines from Málaga have a distinct and wonderful salt note that is truly remarkable. The saltiness is subtle but adds a beautiful depth to the wine, balancing out its fruity and floral notes.

The salt note is a result of the unique terroir of Málaga, where the vineyards are situated close to the Mediterranean Sea. The sea breeze carries salt particles inland, which settle on the grapes and affect their flavor. This saltiness is particularly prominent in Fabio Coullet's wines, which are made with great care and attention to detail.

When tasting these wines, you will notice a delightful salinity on the tongue, which perfectly complements the wine's other flavors. The salt note lingers on the palate, leaving a refreshing finish.

In the world of wine, a salt note is a highly sought-after characteristic that can indicate a wine of exceptional quality. By noting this unique feature of Fabio Coullet's wines, you will impress even the most experienced sommeliers and show that you have a deep understanding of the intricacies of wine tasting.

In summary, Bodega Fabio Coullet produces wines that are full of nuances due to the orography of the land, the different exposures of the plots, and the warm and sweet climate that prevails in the region. The heroic viticulture and the autochthonous varieties are the raison d’être of the winery, and the identity of their wines is drawn through three inseparable elements - the people, the terroir, and the grape. Bodega Fabio Coullet's wines are a testament to the unique personality and quality of the Axarquia region of Malaga.

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