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Entrecuestas Godello

What makes this white wine so special is the unique Terroir where the grapes are grown. Located in the high-altitude and poor soils of the steep slopes of Bierzo, the cool and humid climate of the region has a great influence on the gastronomic profile of this wine. The fresh breeze and moderate climate allow the grapes to mature slowly, developing a unique complexity and elegance.

In addition, the MG Wine Estefanía winery has an enology philosophy that respects the Terroir and practices that are minimally invasive. That is why the Entrecuestas Godello wine is fermented and aged on lees in French oak foudres. This careful winemaking process allows the wine to express all the nuances of the Bierzo terroir, with a balance between freshness, complexity, and elegance.

When tasting Entrecuestas Godello wine, you can notice an intense golden yellow color and a smooth aroma of fruits and white flowers, with light touches of pastry. In the mouth, the wine is broad, glyceric, and very elegant, with an intense and long-lasting flavor. This wine is a true treasure of the Bierzo region, and each bottle is numbered and presented with an elegant seal, reflecting the exclusivity of the product.

Winemaker Raúl Pérez is one of the great masters of Spanish winemaking and has worked closely with MG Wines Estefanía to create exceptional wines such as Entrecuestas Godello. His low-intervention enology approach allows the Terroir to speak for itself, and this wine is a perfect example of that. With notes of ripe fruit, white flowers, and a touch of oak, this wine is a work of art in itself, capable of captivating the most demanding palates.

Entrecuestas Godello is a versatile wine that pairs well with light dishes such as salads, fish, and seafood. However, its complexity also makes it a great choice for more elaborate dishes such as white meats and spiced dishes. If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated white wine that reflects all the character and personality of the Bierzo terroir, Entrecuestas Godello is the perfect choice.

In summary, Entrecuestas Godello is an exceptional wine that combines the best of Bierzo's terroir with the skill and passion of a great winemaker. With its perfect balance of freshness, complexity, and elegance, it's a versatile wine that pleases all palates and pairs well with various dishes. Furthermore, with an enticing price, it's perfect to be present in any cellar of the world's best restaurants.

Producer: MG Wines Group, Winery Estefanía

Oenology: Raúl Pérez

Text: Miguel Viana Vinhos

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