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Couto Mixto

Certainly, the history and culture of the Couto Mixto region show us that, despite political differences, a fraternal and peaceful coexistence between peoples is possible. This territory is a symbol of unity and diversity, where borders are blurred and differences celebrated. Similarly, the wine we offer is a blend of grapes from two distinct nationalities, but when combined, result in a unique and delicious flavor. The wine can be seen as an example of how different cultures and traditions can come together to create something even greater. Thus, we can learn from the Couto Mixto region that instead of dividing, we should value our differences and build relationships of harmony and cooperation, just as a good wine needs the union of different elements to achieve its excellence.

The wine that I would like to present to the world's best tasters and sommeliers is produced in a unique and special region located on the border between Portugal and Spain. This region is known as Couto Mixto, a place of great cultural and historical richness.

The climate of the Couto Mixto region is influenced by the mountains of the Serra do Larouco and the Atlantic currents of the ocean, which provides a perfect environment for vine cultivation. The soils are rich in minerals and the altitude helps to maintain an ideal temperature for grape growth. This results in high-quality wines with unique and distinct flavors and aromas.

In addition to the climate and region, the history of Couto Mixto also contributes to the uniqueness of the wine I would like to present. For centuries, the region was a place of dispute between Portugal and Spain, and only recently was recognized as an autonomous region. The culture and tradition of the region are preserved by its inhabitants, who maintain their practices and customs.

The wine I offer is a blend of selected grapes, harvested by hand, with a fruity flavor and intense aroma. It is a medium-bodied wine with a balanced acidity and solid tannins. It is perfect to accompany a variety of dishes, including red meats, strong cheeses, and spicy dishes.

Overall, the selection of these indigenous grape varieties is a key factor in the high quality and unique flavor of this wine. The combination of the specific grape varieties grown in the Couto Mixto region, along with the climate and soil, contribute to the distinctiveness of this wine and make it a true representation of the region's heritage and culture. The combination of these grape varieties ( in the production of this wine results in a complex and flavorful blend. Each grape variety brings its unique characteristics to the wine, creating a well-balanced and harmonious flavor profile. The Brancellao adds a spicy character and delicate red fruit flavors, while the Caino provides a deep color and high acidity with flavors of red and black fruits. The Bastardo adds an herbal character and light body to the wine, creating a delicious and unique blend.

For the world's best tasters and sommeliers, I invite you to try this unique and special wine from Couto Mixto. This wine is the personification of the rich history and culture of the region, combined with the perfect climate for grape cultivation. I am sure that you will be impressed by the quality and uniqueness of this wine and will want to share it with your most demanding customers.

Oenology/Producer: Francisco (Xico) Pérez Diéguez

Text: Miguel Viana Vinhos

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