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Mengoba La Grand Cuvée 2015

The Mengoba La Grand Cuvée Godello 2015 is an exciting white wine and a true treasure of the Bierzo region. From the first taste, this wine surprised me with its fresh and vibrant density, along with a fantastic harmony that elevates it to another level. It is a wine born from hard work in pursuit of perfection, starting with the selection of the best Godello grapes from the oldest vines, mixed with Mencia vines.

After selection, the wine ferments and ages in a 600-liter barrel of the highest quality before undergoing aging on the lees for 4 years. It is then bottled without clarification or filtration, still presenting some natural sediment that contributes to its unique evolution. The wine still rests for another year, polishing any remaining edges before being ready to be enjoyed.

This super gastronomic wine is capable of accompanying various dishes, from seafood to spicier dishes.

Its entry into the mouth is strikingly vibrant, with hints of chamomile and peach, along with a light toast from the barrel and citrus notes. All of this merges into an explosively long and greedy finish.

This Godello from Bierzo is truly a piece of jewelry made with attention to detail by Gregory Pérez, with great aging potential. If you are looking for a wine that will seduce and surprise, the Mengoba La Grand Cuvée Godello 2015 is the perfect choice for the best sommeliers, chefs, and wine experts around the world.

The Bierzo region is located in the northwest of Spain, known for its unique Terroir and traditional winemaking methods. The region's climate, with cool and damp winters and hot and dry summers, along with its slate soils, contributes to the character of the wines produced here. Gregory Pérez is a renowned winemaker in the region, known for his commitment to producing high-quality wines that express the unique character of the terroir.

In a world that often values speed and efficiency above all else, the Mengoba La Grand Cuvée Godello 2015 reminds us of the beauty and value of patience and dedication. From the careful selection of the best grapes to the lengthy aging process, this wine is the result of years of hard work and an unwavering commitment to quality. It is a testament to the idea that great things can only be achieved through perseverance and attention to detail. As we savor this wine, we are reminded of the importance of taking our time, of dedicating ourselves fully to the things that matter most, and of striving always for excellence. The Mengoba La Grand Cuvée Godello 2015 is not just a great wine, it is a symbol of the timeless values that inspire us to be our best selves.

Oenology: Gregory Pérez

Text: Miguel Viana Vinhos

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