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Discover the Remarkable Vibrancy of an Old Alentejo Red Wine, from 1987

Prepare to be amazed by a vinous treasure from the Alentejo region of Portugal: an old red wine from the 1987 vintage. This unique bottle exhibits astonishing vibrancy, providing a tasting experience that will be etched in your memory as one of the finest encounters with aged wines in Portugal.

With over three decades of aging, this Alentejo red wine captivates with its ability to preserve a vibrant liveliness. Its deep and radiant color is merely a prelude to a truly extraordinary sensory experience.

As you bring the glass to your nose, seductive aromas of leather, tobacco, and spices gracefully dance. A distinct note of dried herbs adds an intriguing touch, while a subtle hint of sunflower adds a unique element. The wine exudes sophistication and complexity, revealing the richness of its aging.

On the palate, the wonder continues. Harmonious flavors unfold with grace, offering a perfect balance of earthy elements, tobacco notes, and distinctive spices. The silky and comforting sensation fills the palate, providing a truly pleasurable experience. It is astonishing to witness how a wine over thirty years old can maintain such vitality and vibrancy.

This exceptional tasting of an old Alentejo red wine from the 1987 vintage is a testament to the aging potential and quality of this wine region. Each sip is a celebration of the producers' dedication in creating a wine that defies expectations and continues to deliver a memorable experience even after all these years.

If you are an enthusiast of aged wines, this is a unique opportunity to indulge in an Alentejo treasure that transcends time. Allow yourself to immerse in a world of flavors and aromas that only aging can reveal, while enjoying the silky comfort and vibrant life that this wine has to offer.

Dear connoisseur of aged wines, especially those over 20 years old, it is crucial to understand that storage and aging conditions play a pivotal role in achieving quality maturation. Proper aging allows the wine to reach its full potential, unveiling complexity and a richness of flavors that can only be found in well-preserved bottles.

Herdade do Mouchão 1987

175,00 €Prix
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