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100% Garnacha from Axarquia. Fresh and Mediterranean, heroic 
viticulture on slopes with gradients of more than 70%, harvested by 
hand and taken from the plots on the shoulders of mules, these grapes 
are harvested at the maximum point of expression of their terroir. 
The grapes are harvested at the beginning of August, with perfect balance 
of sugars, acidity and Ph. Grapes of high potential, with great aromatic load, 
keeping the freshness of the Mediterranean.
The high-potential grapes we select are bunches that are manually checked 
to remove overripe berries and thus reflect a fresher expression. They are 
fermented in stainless steel tanks with a percentage of stems and the rest whole 
berries, taking maximum care of the freshness of the fruit.
This wine is aged in French oak barrels for at least 4 months before bottling.
Delicate fine wine, mineral, with aromas of cherry, strawberry, violet notes, 
resinous herbs and Mediterranean pines that accompany the delicate 
refinement of barrel aging. Magnificent on the palate, fresh and balanced, a 
harmonious and very fresh wine to be enjoyed at any time of the year.
Ideal to accompany tuna and hearty fish. Paellas and rice
of rabbit and birds. Pastas, white meats, Iberian meats and grills
soft. Sausages and cheeses.

Fabio Coullet Ingénito 2021

23,73 €Prix
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