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Discover the Elegance of a Typical Douro Red Wine from Portugal, from 1995

Transport yourself to the majestic region of Douro in Portugal and enjoy an extraordinary wine treasure: a typical red wine from the year 1995. This exceptional vintage has aged with distinction, revealing the complexity and character that make Douro wines true masterpieces.

Produced with carefully selected grapes from the steep slopes and diverse soils of the region, this red wine is a true reflection of Douro's unique terroir. The 1995 vintage was particularly memorable, with ideal climatic conditions that allowed the grapes to fully ripen, resulting in wines of exceptional quality.

As this Douro red wine from 1995 has matured, its flavors and aromas have evolved magnificently. The vibrant fruit has given way to captivating aromas of tobacco, resin, and subtle hints of honey. The influence of barrel aging is also present, with toasted nuances and delicate spices adding an additional layer of richness to the sensory profile.

Each sip of this Douro treasure is a true celebration of the senses. The harmonious flavors of maturation are enhanced by a smooth and refined tannic structure that elegantly envelops the palate. The long and captivating finish is a testament to the exceptional quality of this wine.

This Douro red wine from 1995 is an extraordinary example of the power of aging, showcasing how aromas and flavors can transform and gain complexity over time. Each bottle is a living testament to the hard work of the producers and the unique characteristics of Douro's terroir.

If you are a connoisseur of aged wines, this is a unique opportunity to acquire a Douro treasure, a red wine from 1995 that captures the essence of this renowned region. Allow yourself to immerse in a fascinating sensory experience and appreciate the maturity and elegance of this masterfully aged wine.

Dear connoisseur of aged wines, especially those over 20 years old, it is crucial to understand that storage and aging conditions play a pivotal role in achieving quality maturation. Proper aging allows the wine to reach its full potential, unveiling complexity and a richness of flavors that can only be found in well-preserved bottles.

Casa Burmester Douro 1995

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