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Quinta de Arcossó Arinto

The white wine from Quinta de Arcossó, made from the Arinto grape variety, is a great representative of this native Portuguese grape that is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after white grapes in the wine world. With its distinct characteristics and unique profile, it's easy to understand why. Planted in the Transmontana sub-region of Chaves, the Arinto vineyard benefits from the particularly cold and humid climate of Vidago, which allows for slow and complete grape maturation. The result is a wine with vibrant acidity, notes of citrus and tropical fruits, and a long and complex finish. Interpreted by renowned producer Amílcar Salgado as an elegant and sophisticated wine, this is a specimen that cannot be ignored by the world's best sommeliers and chefs.

The white wine from Quinta de Arcossó made from the Arinto grape is a true gastronomic all-rounder. Its balanced acidity and citrus and tropical notes make it an extremely versatile wine capable of harmonizing with a wide variety of dishes. However, it is with grilled cod with grilled Argentine shrimp that the wine from Quinta de Arcossó truly shines. The combination of the intense and salty flavor of the cod with the delicate and slightly sweet flavor of the shrimp is complemented by the wine's flavor profile. The flavor of grilled red pepper, as well as the tender texture of the greens and the smoothness of the potatoes, is further accentuated by the wine's acidity, making each bite a unique and delicious experience. The secret to the perfect pairing with the dish is the Transmontano olive oil and garlic that dress the dish, which perfectly complements the wine's profile.

In this tasting, the wine from Quinta de Arcossó is elevated not only as a drink, but as a work of art. It is the junction of a rising grape variety and a unique terroir that results in a unique experience for the palate. More than just satisfying hunger and thirst, the pairing of wine with the dish is a true celebration of life and nature. It is a moment when one can appreciate complexity and simplicity, tradition and innovation, the past and the present. It is a moment when the world of wine and gastronomy come together for the same purpose: to enrich human life through art and culture. That's why this single-variety Arinto wine and the pairing with grilled cod with Argentine shrimp, accompanied by grilled red pepper, greens, and potatoes, is more than just a meal, it's an experience.

Producer: Quinta de Arcossó

Oenology : Amílcar Salgado e Francisco Montenegro

Text: Miguel Viana Vinhos

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