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Exploring the Enigmatic Beauty: Unveiling Málaga's Rare and Versatile 100% Romé Wine


In the enchanting region of Málaga lies a hidden treasure, a wine of rare and distinct character. This extraordinary red wine, crafted from the native Romé grape variety, captivates even the most discerning enologists, sommeliers, and seasoned wine enthusiasts. Its versatility shines through, defying the challenges of elevated temperatures and seamlessly complementing any occasion. Let us embark on a journey that unveils the captivating story behind this exceptional wine.

A Tapestry of Terroir:

Rooted in the historic vineyards of Málaga, this wine stands as a faithful representation of the region's viticultural heritage. Cultivated in the dry, sun-soaked lands of a single plot nestled at the foot of the majestic Sierra Tejeda in the village of Salares, its origins are inextricably tied to the breathtaking landscape. This terrain, characterized by steep relief, intersecting ravines, and peaks reaching staggering heights of 2,000 meters above sea level, embraces a unique microclimate. The soils, an intriguing amalgamation of granites interspersed with shale formations, bestow upon the wine an exceptional minerality that truly sets it apart.

A Testament to Nature's Balance:

Located in the renowned Axarquía region, the vineyard sits at an elevation of 850 meters, further amplifying the wine's distinctive character. Here, amidst the idyllic surroundings, the Romé vines flourish, embodying a legacy spanning 125 years. The vine density, with 1,500 plants per hectare, ensures an optimal balance, allowing each vine to absorb the richness of the terroir and express its true essence. Rainfed cultivation, without artificial irrigation, imparts a natural rhythm to the grape's development, fostering a unique harmony with the environment.

A Vintage of Unforgettable Quality:

The winemaking process begins with a vintage characterized by a cool, rainy spring, followed by an exceptionally wet summer. These climatic conditions, though challenging, contributed to a limited but exceptional harvest. The grapes, harvested in mid-September, arrived at their peak, boasting a perfect balance of sugars, acidity, and pH. This meticulous selection of grapes, marked by their high aromatic potential, sets the stage for the creation of an extraordinary wine.

Crafting Perfection:

The winemaking philosophy embraces minimal intervention, allowing the Romé grapes to unveil their inherent beauty. After destemming, the whole berries are delicately fermented in stainless steel tanks, engaging in a nine-day maceration process at a controlled temperature. The subsequent fermentation and refinement take place in French oak barrels, where the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation and matures for 13 months. This meticulous craftsmanship, without resorting to cold treatments or microfiltrations, ensures that the wine's true character remains intact.

A Symphony of Flavors:

With a gentle touch, the Romé wine reveals itself with elegance and finesse. Its translucent color, owing to the low concentration of anthocyanins, offers a delicate invitation. As it dances on the palate, notes of wild strawberry enchant the senses, while a profound mineral undertone evokes the very essence of the slate-rich soil from which it derives. Embracing complexity, a subtle astringency reminiscent of pomegranate intertwines with hints of ripe coconut, seamlessly integrated by the well-balanced influence of the oak barrels. The wine's creaminess envelops the senses with silk-like finesse, culminating in a vibrant mineral finish that breathes life into the entire ensemble.


In the world of wine, where rarity and distinction reign, this Romé wine from Málaga stands as a testament to the profound interplay between geography, soil, and the influence of the ocean. Born from the love and dedication of the winemakers, it encapsulates the soul of this captivating region. As you savor its exquisite flavors, allow yourself to be transported to the sun-kissed lands of Málaga, where the spirit of Romé thrives and delights the senses of those who seek the extraordinary in every sip.

Enology/Producer: Fabio Coullet

Text: Miguel Viana Vinhos

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