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Estaladiña ou Pan y Carne (Bierzo)

On this beautiful Sunday evening, something special happened. Instead of the typical Sunday roast at lunch, we were treated to an incredible meal by the Rabaçal river. As we savored every bite, we were delighted to discover a wine that was just as extraordinary.

This mono varietal 100% Estaladiña, also known as Pan y Carne, was a variety that we had never tasted before. Harvested in 2021, it was vinified with 100% stem inclusion in a cement egg. And let me tell you, it was a revelation.

Having already tasted the 2020 vintage, I thought I knew what to expect. But this 2021 vintage was something else entirely. The expression of the Estaladiña grape in a cement egg was nothing short of magical. The respect shown to the fruit was evident in every sip - the tannins were perfectly polished, allowing the fruit to shine through without any masking.

With notes of menthol and a touch of fennel and anise, this wine had good depth and was bursting with red fruit flavors. It was a wine of great quality and expertly crafted by Bodegas Mengoba, under the skillful hands of Gregory Pérez. From the moment the wine touches my lips, I am transported to a world of rich, bold flavors. The first notes to hit my tongue are dark and earthy, with touches of fennel and prince herb mixing with the deep and velvety shades of cherry and raspberry. As the wine settles into my palate, I am enveloped by a warm, full-bodied feeling that lasts long after the final sip.

For those who are unfamiliar with Estaladiña, this wine is an excellent representation of the variety. It is a different take on the traditional Mencia of the Bierzo region, but it showcases the grape's potential in a truly remarkable way. And for us, this wine was the perfect way to end a memorable day by the river.

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